OSHA 300 Log: Why It's Important for the Continued Success of Your Business

In order to comply with OSHA standards, many businesses are required to keep an OSHA 300 log. This log is essentially a record of injuries and other issues that occur within your business. This log ensures that all mishaps are documented when they happen to avoid later conflicts and contests. This not only protects you, but also your employees by providing a history to refer to in the future. However, the requirements for the OSHA 300 log are constantly changing, meaning that you as an employer not only have to maintain the log, but also keep up with all the necessary changes.

How PEP’s OSHA 300 Log Services Can Help You

To help you keep up with the ever shifting rules and regulations, PEP offers our OSHA 300 log services. PEP not only maintains your OSHA 300 log, but also follows any changes in OSHA requirements to ensure that your log is absolutely current and compliant. Although we make sure of any changes independently, our membership in NAPEO (National Association of Professional Employer Organizations) means that we also get the most up to date information on all changes for every state sent to us from them. Plus, PEP assists you with all the forms required for your log, allowing you to focus on the business of your business without worrying about your OSHA 300 Log.

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